Let me find what’s holding you back and get you the solutions you need

Hey, I’m Michael

I’m an online fitness coach helping people like you achieve their weight loss and/or fitness goals through simple, yet effective at-home workouts, honest and practical nutrition advice, and most importantly support and accountability.

Look, I know how valuable your time is, so let’s get straight to it!

Is Online Coaching for you?

Let me ask you a few questions.

– Have you tried to lose weight in the past with little to no success?

– Have you tried to live a healthier life to no avail, no matter how hard you tried?

– Have you set fitness goals but continued to fall short of them and lost hope in achieving the results you truly desire?

If you answered yes to 1 or more of the above questions, then keep reading!

Losing weight can be tough!

That’s no secret. With all the challenges you experience on the road to weight loss, it can become very frustrating, confusing and exhausting.

Dieting, consistent exercise, finding the right information, hitting roadblocks along the way, it can all be a struggle!

And even if you do lose the weight you set out to, keeping it off is a whole other challenge in itself!

Things like yo-yo dieting, seeking quick fixes, getting caught up in all the fads and special supplements, false promises, etc only leads you to further frustration and issues.

Even reading all of that makes weight loss seem off-putting and not worth it, right? (especially if you’re relating to all of it).


What You NEED To Know About Losing Weight (The Right Way!)

Truth Number 1

There are NO short cuts to effective and long-term weight loss, it takes time! You have to have real expectations and be patient! Just as we do not gain dozens of pounds overnight, we cannot expect to lose weight at such a rapid pace either. Developing realistic weight loss goals and being patient along the way are crucial to your long-term success. Be realistic, be consistent, be patient and results will come.

Truth Number 2

You have to develop healthy eating habits. There is no way around this. Whether using intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet, paleo, or simply making better food choices, a portion controlled diet, based around whole foods is crucial if you want to lose weight and keep it off. If a program, plan, coach, etc promises weight loss without stressing the importance of a healthy, portion controlled diet, BE CAUTIOUS!

Truth Number 3

You have to move more! Both with frequent exercise and daily activity. Whether walking, jogging, sprinting, cycling, gardening, playing a sport, weight lifting, body weight training… you HAVE to move more! If ANY program promises you results and negates the importance of exercise and/or physical activity, BE CAUTIOUS! The bottom line is if you wish to lose weight and keep it off you’re going to have to get more active (both planned exercise and increased daily physical activity).

Truth Number 4

It will take some dedication, sacrifices, and persistent effort, but it isn’t impossible! Regardless of all of the “hopeless” attempts that you’ve made to lose weight, it is NOT impossible! If you question your ability to achieve your goals and fail to develop the confidence that you CAN, you’re setting yourself up for failure right in the beginning. It IS possible and YOU can do it! You just need the right knowledge, guidance and support.   

So, there are the basic guidelines on how to lose weight, but how can an online fitness coach help YOU lose weight and keep it off?

What’s so special about having an online coach?

Well, with online coaching you’ll get…

Personalized Workouts, made specifically for YOU (made to fit YOUR schedule and be aligned with YOUR training level and YOUR preferences).

Honest & Practical Nutrition and Diet Advice, to make your dieting efforts more simple, effective, and stress-free. Developing a sustainable, wholefood based, portion controlled diet is key to weight loss and weight loss maintenance. I aim to guide you in developing your ideal diet.

Accountability, Guidance, and Support, to keep you on track and motivated through the tough times. There will be tough times along the way, and having someone that you can trust there to support you when you hit a plateau or advise you on a new strategy can be priceless.

Losing fat, getting stronger, and overall improving your health will be become LESS stressful, LESS frustrating and LESS complicated!


To guide individuals just like you to a leaner, healthier version of themselves through personalized workouts, honest and practical nutrition advice and most importantly, support and accountability.

Losing fat and becoming a leaner version of yourself ISN’T easy but YOU CAN DO IT!

Exercising consistently and eating healthier can be very challenging when you factor in the many stresses of life and all the continuous temptations surrounding us.

As if those weren’t enough to decrease your chances of fat loss, there is also all the confusing and conflicting information on the internet regarding weight loss, body recomposition, the “best” exercise, the “most effective” diet, etc making things even more challenging.

Having an online fitness coach can make the process more convenient and cost-effective, as well as help you more easily reach your goals (by providing honest and practical information, accountability, support, and motivation).

My goal is to

– Get you on an enjoyable and effective workout regimen that YOU can adhere to

– Be your support and guide along the way, boosting you up when you need it

– Replace your confusion with understanding

– & Help you stay accountable so that getting fit and staying fit can be less frustrating and more enjoyable.

If you’re ready to lose weight, get stronger, and feel better inside and out, then fill out our application form provided from the link below to get started today!