A Leaner, Stronger, Healthier You

Save yourself years of struggle and frustration by getting on a simple, clear, and practical path to your fitness and health goals.

Hi, I’m Michael Cruz,

I’m an online fitness coach helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals through simple, practical methods.

If you’re looking for quick solutions or quick results, my coaching, consultations and information is NOT for you!

differentiate myself from others by focusing on the development of healthy habits rather than helping you achieve some meaningless, temporary weight loss goal through some short-term program or challenge. 

My methods take time and effort but I truly believe them to be the honest, practical, and effective long-term solution that individuals need.

If you feel like you need a change, like whatever you’ve been doing for the past few months and years in order to lose weight is no longer worth your time and that you’re ready for a new, honest, and practical approach to achieving your health and fitness goals then keep reading!

I hope to be a crucial part of your success in becoming a leaner, stronger, healthier version of yourself.

Creating a healthy lifestyle can be tough!

You want to look better, move better, and feel better.

So you try all the diets, exercise programs, supplements, etc but you just can’t seem to maintain any significant result for any significant amount of time.

After so many failed attempts you start to feel hopeless.  

You start to feel like maybe there is something wrong with you.

Or that living a healthier lifestyle and achieving your goals is just too hard.

Look, I get it. It can become extremely frustrating, confusing, and exhausting when you don’t know what to do or how to go about doing it.

To want something so badly and yet continue to fall right on your face when trying to achieve it.

You want so badly to just be better. To correct your poor eating habits, exercise more frequently, and overall be a leaner, stronger, healthier version of yourself. 

Well, paraphrasing Albert Einstein, “If you want different results you have to do something different”. 

What you have been doing hasn’t worked (and for good reason, it is not the RIGHT path nor are you using the correct “vehicle” to go down that path). 

You need a new path and a new “vehicle”!

That is what I am to provide for you.


The Truth About Becoming Leaner, Stronger, & Healthier

The key to achieving long-term success in your health and fitness goals is developing habits and routines.

It is about making lasting change, creating a lifestyle.

It ISN’T about following some diet, exercise program, etc for X amount of time. 

The changes have to last (or at least a similar enough version of those changes) if you wish to maintain the result. 

I like to put it this way; If the methods cannot be maintained neither will the results which they produce.

In my opinion, the key issue is ineffective change (and this is what I focus on so hard in my coaching).

Thousands fail every single year in producing a healthier lifestyle because they cannot sustain the methods they follow. 

We want quick results so we follow strategies which we believe will get us just that. But maintaining the results is dependent on whether or not we continue the behaviors which led us there.

The majority of us follow unsustainable methods that CANNOT be maintained. 

So, when the methods go, so do the results which they produced.

You don’t simply lose weight, gain muscle, increase your endurance, etc stop the methods which got you there and keep those outcomes. 

You have to keep doing whatever led you from point A to point B (or again, something similar enough to maintain the result).

 The bottom line is if you want to make lasting change you need to make lasting changes. 

You have to build habits and a lifestyle which promote the body and health that you want.  


To help individuals build a healthy lifestyle through developing habits. To make the path to a
leaner, stronger, healthier body more simple, enjoyable, and convenient.   

Losing weight, getting stronger, and improving your health isn’t easy, nothing worth having is.

But I promise you it is EASIER than you have been led to believe.

The path is SIMPLER than those which you have been following.

Exercising consistently and eating healthier can be very challenging when you go about them the WRONG way.

Knowing what to do and how to do it makes the process SO MUCH more simple, enjoyable, and convenient.

My goal is to teach you the principles of successful long-term behavior change so that you can build healthy habits that produce results that last!

No diets, excessive exercise programs, or any of ridiculous methods that have been pitched to you before.


If you’re ready to lose weight, get stronger, and feel better then click the link below!