Make Your New Years Resolutions the Right Way! Changing Is Hard. Make It Easy And Make It Last.

Making a new lifestyle change easy is key to maintaining it. If the behavior you’re trying to adopt is extremely complicated and/or far different from the norm, your chances of continuing it (over the long-term) are low.

When planning to adopt a new behavior (replacing an old negative one with a new positive one) think about how you can integrate it into your life so that it sticks and becomes habitual.

How can you make it not drastically alter everything else (which would bring about a lot of stress and negative feelings towards the change)? How can you fit it in with everything to make it as normal as possible?

For the most part, small changes are more successful in regards to long-term maintanence than large, drastic ones. Many times, drastic changes lead people right back to their old behavior within days, weeks, or months.

Small alterations, slowly but strategically implemented into your life, will produce the highest chance of success.

Would you rather lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks just to gain it back in a month? Or would you rather lose 20 pounds in 8-10 weeks and keep it off?

This year, when you make changes, keep them small, as normal as possible (relative to your current lifestyle) and make them as easy to continue. Do not try to drastically change everything at once.

We have all made quick drastic changes multiple times in the hopes of change and gotten the same negative result (failing to adopt the new habit and being right where we started).

Make your changes count this year by adopting new habits the right way.

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