6 Points on Being Successful in Your Fitness Journey (Quick Read)

Getting fit is not always an easy task. And as if that weren’t hard enough there is the maintenance of that fitness level.

There are always ways to make things easier on ourselves no matter what we are doing in life. Using all the knowledge and information available to us, we can make an extremely difficult task, easy and doable.

Below are 6 points to focus on to be successful in your pursuit of a healthier, stronger, and leaner you.

1.Focus more on consistently following the steps that lead to your goal, rather than the goal itself. Often times we focus so hard on the goal (which is far off in the future) that we begin to lose focus on the steps that will get us there. Always keep your goal in mind but stay focused on and understand that, following the steps precisely are what will achieve that goal. As obvious as that sounds, many times we switch things up too often (being inconsistent) or fail to follow the steps precisely and then wonder why we continue to fall off track and/or end up having made little progress.

2.Expect relapse/mistakes. If you view mistakes and slip-ups as negative they will bring about negative emotions. Negative emotions, usually, lead to a mind shift and you are more likely to forget or ignore the importance of your goals. Expect and accept these mistakes and keep a positive focus when making them.

3.Be lenient and understanding with yourself (but do not excuse and justify your mistakes). Do not beat yourself up but rather have a healthy understanding that you made a mistake and seek to correct it. We usually beat ourselves up with guilt and shame thinking that will do us good. However, more often than not, it only leads to negative feelings and further relapse. Be tough on yourself, but not too tough. Use your mistakes as learning experiences, not a chance to pound yourself with guilt and shame.

4.Focus on slow, small changes not large, abrupt ones. If you have not exercised in a year it almost never an effective strategy to jump right into a 5 day a week plan. It’d be more effective to start with something more reasonable, such as 10-15 minute sessions 3 days a week and work your way up to the 5 day a week plan. Slow and steady wins the race.

5.Focus more on the long-term, be patient and understand its a process. Losing weight, getting stronger, gaining muscle mass all take time. Just as our fitness level did not drop overnight it will not rise that quickly either. Understand and accept that this is a long-term process and learn to enjoy it.

6.Plan for maintaining your progress. Many plan only on how to lose 10 lbs but have not even a thought on how to keep it off. Maintainence is key to success! Achieving a goal is great but if progress cannot be maintained, it holds little value. 10 lbs lost and kept off is much better than 20 lbs lost and gained back. Understand that if you fail to plan for maintenance, you gamble with sustaining all the progress you worked so hard to make. So, whatever your fitness goals are, always add progress maintenance into your plan.

Getting fit and staying fit can be tough but with the right information, knowledge, and mindset we can make it much easier.

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