Calculating Estimated Maximum Heart Rate

There are two ways to calculate your estimated maximum heart rate. The first is the more recent one and it should be noted that it has a standard deviation of + or – 7 beats per minute. The second is widely known and used because of its ease of use and fairly accurate results (although it has a more wide standard deviation of + or – 12 beats per minute).

1st Formula:

Example for 28 year old
208-(28×.70)19.6=188.4 bpm

A 28 year old male/females estimated maximum heart rate would be 188 beats per minute.

2nd Formula:

Example for 28 year old
220-28=192 bpm

As you can see, the formulas only differ by 4 bpm, however remember that the 1st has a smaller standard deviation of + or – 7 bpm so it may be your best bet.

Estimated Maximum Heart Rate for multiple ages

20- 187-201 bpm
25- 184-198 bpm
30- 180-194 bpm
35- 177-191 bpm
40- 173-187 bpm
45- 170-184 bpm
50- 166-180 bpm
60- 159-173 bpm

Note: You should never go above 85-90% of your heart rate max. Also, always consult your physician if you have any doubts that it is safe for you to exercise.

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