Planning and Preparing for Relapses/Roadblocks

When making changes there are many things to consider. One of the most important ones (in my opinion) and least focused on is dealing with relapses and/or roadblocks. A lot of times we give little thought to this aspect of change and I believe that is a huge mistake.

When making changes we definitely want to consider roadblocks and/or relapses and how we will handle them when (not if) they come about. Without a plan our reaction will almost always be emotional and we’ll likely quit out of shame, guilt, frustration, etc. Having a plan is very important in everything we do and making changes is not an exception. We need to have a well thought out plan on what some possible roadblocks are and what we can do to deal with/handle them.

Another thing in regards to relapses/roadblocks that we should focus on is accepting that they will inevitably occur (whether small or large) and that they do NOT have to be a negative thing. When viewed as negative relapses/roadblocks will likely produce other negative consequences (guilt, shame and ultimately quitting). We can learn a lot from our mistakes but we will fail to do that if we decide to bash ourselves and/or develop guilt and shame. We need to accept that relapses/roadblocks are a part of the change process and learn to view them in a positive way.

So, when making changes we want to make sure to plan for relapses/roadblocks both by changing our view of them (from negative to positive) and by making an action plan on how to deal with them when they arise. Planning is extremely important in anything we do and planning for relapses/roadblocks when trying to change a behavior is no exception.

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