A Quick Note on Supplements

We live in a time where supplements are everywhere and where there’s one for anything you can think of. The supplement industry has made anywhere from 20-36 billion dollars a year for the last decade. It is sad so much money has been wasted. Considering no evidence has ever shown that a supplement has any significant effect and even worse most of the supplements out there are either harmful or useless (because of improper dosage).

Having said all that, before you go waste money on ANY supplement FIRST go through your program (both diet and exercise) with a “fine comb” and make sure things are optimal. If you are not eating a well balanced diet consisting mainly of whole foods as well following a solid exercise regimen you need to fix that first. Supplements will NOT render useless those crucial aspects. If they are not in place, there is no need to even think about supplements. Supplements, as the name entails, supplement a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Second, if you DO decide to purchase a supplement, make sure that at the very least you research the particular supplement (even if for just 10 minutes on a website such as https://examine.com).

In a world where many people are out for money and driven by greed you need to be extremely cautious. Many companies do not care whether you waste your money nor get hurt from taking some concoction of garbage they made. Please be wise and logical when thinking on a subject like supplementation.

Conclusion: Before buying any supplements make sure to get your training and diet on track first. When, and only when, those are up to par, then worry about whether a supplement could aid in the effectiveness of your on point program. Second, research that supplement and/or supplements before spending your hard earned money on them to ensure it/they are safe for you to take and/or are dosed properly.

*I would like to say that though I do not recommend most supplements and though I have a dislike for most of the supplement industry, I do believe there are several honest companies out there as well as supplements that are useful (such as protein powder and creatine if your physician oks it and you taking them is for a logical reason such as to supplement an already well set up diet and workout plan).

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