3 Diet Hacks to Prevent Overeating (& to Help You Lose Weight)

If you have struggled to eat less and lose weight in the past then these 3 strategies (when done correctly and consistently) will create a tremendous change for you.

They negate the need for diets and gimmicks and are extremely simple, practical, and efficient.

My key mantra is “No More Dieting, We Build Habits”.

And these 3 diet hacks are the simple and practical habits we need to build to lose weight and keep it off long-term.

So, if you’re tired of dieting and want a better, more long-term solution, then keep reading.

Why you continue to fail at Weight Loss (it’s not what you think)

Let me start really quick with saying that you have likely heard of ALL three of these strategies before.

The only secret is pairing them together and making them habitual (not following them for a week and expecting to lose 10lbs of fat).

I find it extremely sad, frustrating, and sometimes hopeless to know SO FEW individuals have made such fundamental behaviors habitual.

Yes, this includes me too. I spent years wasting my time, money, and energy on nonsensical gimmicks and fads.

It wasn’t until I started studying behavior change and realized Simplicity, Enjoyment, and Convenience are key to repetition and repetition is key to building habits (which are fundamental to long-term success).

For some perspective, not making these behaviors habitual when wanting to lose weight and improve your health is like aiming to run a marathon and doing jumping jacks on a treadmill when a simple progressive running regimen will be the simple, fundamental path to your goal.

The latter is a ridiculous, non-sensical path which will provide nothing for you but problems (just like fad diets, fat loss supplements, waist trainers, and creams).

Many are in awe that they keep failing while continuing to follow restrictive, excessive, overly complicated gimmicks which have about a zero probability of working (again, I too spent years on this path, part of which while having a bit of the knowledge I currently have on behavior change so arguably I knew better).

The bottom line is this; if you have continued to fail at losing weight (and keeping it off) it is almost always because you have FAILED to implement the fundamentals, i.e, what has worked, does work, and will always work.

If you want to change the outcome you HAVE to change the actions which led to it.

You have to adopt healthier habits (such as the ones in this post), continually focusing on a few simple, practical habits at a time rather than aiming to change everything overnight.

With all that being said, let’s get to the 3 strategies.

3 Diet Hacks to Help You Stop Dieting & Lose Weight for Good

Number 1: Drink a 8-16oz glass/bottle of water 15 minutes before every meal

This is one you have likely heard many times, especially from me if you follow me on Facebook.

The reason and efficacy behind this is very simple.

Our stomachs sense volume not necessarily calories and therefore by preloading our stomachs with water before meals we can help increase that feeling of fullness and therefore [hopefully] prevent overeating.

Now, the timing and amount if pretty important for this to work properly.

If you drink only a few sips or drink right before you begin eating this will not have the same effect.

You have to get the proper amount (8-16oz) at the proper time (within 10-20 minutes before eating).

Tip: A helpful tip is to set an alarm for roughly 20 minutes before you normally eat each meal to remind you to go get a water bottle or glass of water. Most smartphones have a timer or alarm app preinstalled. This has been one of my greatest tools to building many different kinds of habits.

Number 2: Eat a serving of fruit/vegetable before EVERY meal

Again, this is another one that I have mentioned many times before and which we all have heard for years, eat your fruits and veggies!

Ironically, it is the ONE thing that we all should start with and yet that we ALL bypass (even more ironically for nonsensical strategies that will never work).

The logic behind this is similar to the last strategy, i.e, to help preload our stomachs with volume and therefore achieve that feeling of fullness more quickly (hopefully well before we have stuffed our face with seconds). 🙂

Some key tips for this one are;

  • Have a small serving (an apple, handful of baby carrots, sliced cucumbers, etc) with the glass/bottle of water, i.e, within 10-20 minutes of your meal (even if you have a planned serving of fruit or vegetable for your meal). Again, the timing is important to give your stomach time to send that signal to your brain. If you wish, you can just eat your planned fruit/vegetable at this time instead of having two servings (though more fruits and veggies are almost always beneficial).
  • Make sure to choose 2-3 fruits and/or vegetables which YOU truly enjoy. Do NOT worry about what some individual told you was “best”. If it is safe for you to eat and YOU ENJOY it then it is best for you. I started with just a few apples a day, a few years later almost every meal had a fruit or vegetable, and 8 years later my diet is completely plant-based (although, this is not something you need to do, it is just an example that we all start somewhere). The key is simplicity, enjoyment, and convenience.

Number 3: Eat more slowly/Mindfully

This is one that took me a while to do but had one of the greatest impacts (or likely seemed like that once it was paired with the other two).

Many of us are always in a rush and/or preoccupied when we eat, scarfing down our food to get to the next task or multitasking and completely unaware of the whole process of eating.

Again, remember that signal your stomach sends your brain when stretched?

It can take about 20 minutes, so when we’re scarfing down food in 5-10 minutes it is no wonder it takes another 5-10 more before it actually hits and we feel like we are going to explode.

Eating more slowly/mindfully can help give our stomach time to fill more slowly and send this signal, helping us feel full at the proper time, stop eating, and feeling adequately full afterwards and NOT as if our stomachs will explode.

Some key tips for this are;

  • Turn the T.V off, put the phone down, and aim to eat in a room without distractions (this does not include people which can make meal time even more joyful and beneficial).
  • Put down your utensil after every bite and do not touch it until you have fully chewed up and swallowed the current bite.
  • Chew your food as many times as possible, almost as if you’re trying to break it down as small as you can, being fully aware of the textures and flavors of the foods.
3 Simple Diet Hacks to Eat Less & Lose Weight Image


To summarize all of this;

  • Most of us continue to fail to lose weight because we continue to bypass the fundamentals of weight loss (building simple, healthy habits).
  • It is the simple, practical strategies that we have all heard for years which truly lead to long-term change NOT some fad diet, pill, cream, waist trainer, smoothie diet, etc.
  • If you are struggling to lose weight and have not mastered the above strategies (or similar ones) do NOT trick yourself into believing “you have tried everything”. The brutal truth is if you have not tried simple practical strategies such as these then you have effectively tried NOTHING.
  • Stop everything you have been doing to lose weight and give all of your time and attention to mastering these simple, practical strategies (hacks if you will) and watch everything start to change. Weight loss becomes natural. It becomes simple. It becomes an inevitable result of your improving lifestyle.

I hope that this post has been helpful and puts someone in the right direction to successful long-term weight loss and improved health.

If you ever have any questions or need any specific guidance please never hesitate to reach out here, I’d be more than glad to help you get started.

And for more great posts on weight loss related topics check out the rest of my blog posts here.

You can also use these FREE resources below to help you build healthy weight loss habits (like the ones in this article) in the most simple, practical way possible. They are both 100% free nd require ZERO information from you to view them.

  1. Healthy Living Challenge: A Guide to Building Healthy Weight Loss Habits
  2. Eat Better, Move More: A Simple, Practical Guide to Successful Long-term Weight Loss

I hope those help!

Best of luck in all of your health and fitness goals going forward.

Michael Cruz

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