The TRUTH about Keto, Intermittent Fasting, & EVERY other Weight Loss Diet 

There is NO “Best” Diet

If you have ever dieted for weight loss before you know that diets have a terrible track record for producing long-term results.

Now, many ask the question, “Is the keto (or fill in the blank) diet the best diet for weight loss?”.

And my answer usually goes something like this…

Keto is absolutely NOT the best diet for weight loss (nor is there any other “best” diet for weight loss).

Ideally, we would all stop dieting and never look back.

And hopefully one day dieting will start being seen as any other useless weight loss gimmick.

How Diets Work & Why they Fail

Now, many follow the keto diet (and others such as intermittent fasting) NOT understanding how dieting actually works in producing weight loss, believing the hype that keto or any other diet is some special cure to lose weight.

And again, it is NOT.

Like any other diet keto works WHEN it places the individual in a caloric deficit (BUT usually leads to failure in the long-term because it is NOT sustainable for most individuals).

So, keto works in the same general way as any other weight loss diet to produce weight loss (a caloric deficit) and therefore there is nothing special about it.

By cutting out and/or significantly decreasing the intake of an entire food group/macronutrient the individual usually creates the necessary deficit to cause weight loss.

Now, a caloric deficit works like this;

You fail to give the body the energy it requires from external sources (food) so it takes from internal storage (fat, glycogen, and body proteins) to make up for this deficit.

If these stores are not replenished to at least the same degree then the individual will have a lesser bodyweight.

Now, the issue with diets is NOT whether they work but whether they can keep working, i.e, whether they can help the individual lose weight AND keep it off.

So, while keto or any other diet can work in the short-term (if the individual can even last that long) they almost always fail in the long-term.

Why? Because they are unsustainable. They are extremely restrictive and create to large of a change too quickly.

For long-term change, slow and steady almost always wins the race (although there are always exceptions to this).


So, what does this lead us to?

STOP following unsustainable diets like the keto diet.

STOP dieting in general.

Instead, you should…

Start simply making small, gradual improvements to your dietary habits.

Simple and practical (and therefore sustainable) improvements such as;

  • Eating a favorite fruit/vegetable before EVERY meal.
  • Eating more slowly/mindfully, chewing as many times as possible and putting your utensil down between bites.
  • Drinking a glass/bottle of water before every meal (preferably 10–15 minutes prior such as when preparing the meal).
  • Using smaller plates and bowls.
  • Taking time each day to reflect on and evaluate HOW you view food and how that causes problems in your behaviors.
  • Finding sufficient healthier substitutions for key problem foods.

If you master simple and practical improvements like these you will improve your diet and lose weight without following some restrictive, ridiculous, unsustainable diet.

If you want to stop dieting and start making long-term change check out the free resources below (they are all 100% free and require no information from you).

Free Weight Loss Resources!

I hope that this post and the free resources above can help just one individual STOP this constantly failing traditional path to weight loss and START making lasting change to their body and health.

If anyone ever has any questions or needs any further guidance feel free to reach out here anytime.

Best of luck going forward everyone.

Michael Cruz

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