7 Simple Diet Hacks to Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting

Like everything else in life we overcomplicate dieting for weight loss when the true path is so simple.

We try to cut out foods (or whole food groups) overnight, we go from eating whenever to fasting for long periods, and we follow ridiculous diet plans which promise quick results if we take drastic measures.

Some of the words that come to mind when I think of the average person dieting for weight loss; restrictive, unsustainable, excessive, drastic, and illogical to name a few.

Well, I can tell you right now that dieting is a horrible path to long-term weight loss.

And like everything else in life there is a simple path which works much better (and which can be described with words which are the opposite of those above).

Now, it is not an easy path. But I guarantee you that it is MUCH easier than anything else you’ve ever done.

It takes time, patience, and persistence but you will no longer feel like you’re suffering and waiting for the path to end (which is so common among traditional weight loss diets).

This path involves simply making small, gradual changes to your lifestyle habits (in this specific case, your dietary habits).

There’s no restrictive plans, no cutting out whole food groups, no fasting for long periods, nor any other unsustainable methods.

Just simple, practical strategies (or hacks) to simplify dieting for weight loss.

If that sounds good to you, then let’s get started!

7 Diet Hacks for Weight Loss

1. Eat a serving of your favorite fruit/vegetable before every meal

If you haven’t built this habit already then you’ve skipped one of the most simple and beneficial dietary habits you could build.

I hear so many individuals say that they have tried everything and can’t seem to lose weight.

Yet not one of them have implemented this simple habit.

In my opinion, if you don’t eat a serving of fruit/vegetable before every meal you haven’t tried anything of purpose.

It is simple, practical habits like this that 99% of people skip (or do it wrong).

What do I mean by they “do it wrong”?

Well, unfortunately for the few that try to eat more fruits and vegetables they make two key mistakes;

  1. They negate fruits/vegetables that they truly enjoy and instead try to eat ones that someone told them were “best”. Best is a relative term and nothing is best for you if you won’t do it long-term. The key is finding 2-3 fruits and/or vegetables that you love to eat and make them a staple in your diet. You can worry about adding more once those have become a habitual part of your everyday meals.
  2. They eat small portions relative to the rest of their meal and fail to eat the fruits/vegetables first. Eating a small portion of fruits and vegetables is obviously better than eating none at all. However, to make this habit most effective we need to eat a moderate to large portion AND eat it before anything else.

So, next time you want to add more fruits and vegetables into your diet make sure to choose ones that you actually enjoy eating and eat a moderate to large portion before anything else.

This is one of the first dietary habits I ever built and it has been one of the most beneficial ones for me.

Hopefully you find it as useful as I have.

2. Drink a 16oz glass/bottle of water 10-15 minutes before every meal

This is another extremely simple one that so many of us skip.

And unfortunately so because it can be a very effective (and simple) habit.

Timing and volume are key, ie, you want to make sure you have a sufficient amount (~16oz) at the right time (about 15 minutes before your meal).

A great way to implement this is to drink a bottle of water right before (or while you’re preparing) your meal.

This is no magical weight loss solution.

However, it is definitely a key habit to build due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Again, it is simple and practical habits like these that can negate the need for unsustainable diets and make weight loss easier than you ever could’ve imagined.

3. Eat more slowly/mindfully

This is one I negated for a while and wish I hadn’t.

Paired with the previous two habits it really helps you to achieve hunger more quickly and help prevent overeating.

Most importantly, it allows you to experience many foods completely for the first time.

You can slow down for once and actually enjoy your meals, which just gives you a whole new experience of something we do every single day.

Eating more slowly can also give our stomachs time to “tell our brains” that we are reaching fullness and can stop eating.

This can help prevent that seemingly sudden onset of extreme (and often uncomfortable) fullness.

Now, the key with this habit is to chew your food as many times as possible and really pay attention to the textures and flavors of it.

It is truly amazing how foods you’ve eaten for years taste so different when you actually pay attention.

The natural sweetness of fruits, the crunch of different vegetables like carrots and cucumbers.

You really start to appreciate and feel much more satisfied by natural whole foods.

This is really such an amazing and beneficial habit to build that so many of us negate.

Again, too often we scarf down our food, always being in a hurry and never really enjoying our meals.

And we eat so quickly that our feeling of fullness seems to come out of nowhere hitting us like a ton of bricks (or rather feeling as though we have a ton of bricks in our stomachs).

So, for your next meal; stop and remember to implement this simple strategy.

Really be present and aware during your meal.

Slow down and enjoy it. You’ll be glad that you did.

4. Using smaller plates/bowls

This is one that I always heard and just never took the time to implement consistently.

However, once I did I realized how this simple strategy can really help me eat less.

There’s something about a huge bowl half filled versus a small bowl filled to the top which really alters your eating.

I’m not sure of the actual mechanism behind this but it has definitely helped me more often than not.

Now, like most things, this doesn’t work perfectly nor all of the time.

And it is definitely most effective when paired with other simple habits (like the previous 3 above).

You never want to count on one small habit by itself.

It is the compounding of many simple, practical habits together that make huge change.

So, next time you go shopping, pick up some smaller plates and bowls and see how this simple habit works for you.

5. Find substitutes for problem foods

Another great strategy to implement is to choose several key problem foods and find sufficient healthier replacements.

With all the different options out there today this is easier than ever.

Things like a lower calorie chip/snack, light ice cream in place of regular, thin crust pizza in place of regular crust, etc.

It is truly amazing how making some of these substitutions can make such a big impact on your weight loss goals.

For instance, a pint of regular ice cream can be around 1,200 calories while a pint of light ice cream can be around 400.

That’s 1/3 the calories for the same serving size (and there are a lot of great options and flavors out there).

Similarly, a regular crust pizza with 5+ toppings can easily be over 400 calories per slice.

On the other hand, a thin crust pizza with veggie toppings can be as low as 400 calories for 1/4 of the pizza.

That means you could eat the whole pizza and it’d still only be equivalent to just 4 pieces of the regular pizza.

And good luck eating a whole pizza after implementing the first two habits. 🙂

So, take some time today to choose 2-3 problem foods in your diet and find a sufficient replacement.

It has been one of the best things I’ve done for my health and weight loss and I hope it works as well for you too.

6. Get smaller portions at a time and wait several minutes between each

This is one you can pair together pretty effectively with number 4 (using smaller plates/bowls).

For instance, you can break your usual large serving into 3 smaller ones which you get one at a time.

Now, to make this more effective you can wait 2-3 minutes between these servings, maybe sipping on some water while you wait.

This one can seem kind of inconvenient and it definitely takes patience.

However, it can be really effective and worthwhile, especially if you’ve already implemented the last 1-5 diet hacks.

Maybe you’ll find that after the second small serving that you aren’t even hungry anymore.

I used to make a habit out of putting way too much on my plate and then forcing myself to finish the last 1/5 or so (even though I was already very full).

With this strategy, this issue arises much less (if ever at all).

Because you’re taking time between small servings you can give yourself time to really think whether another portion is even necessary (or just indulgent and for pleasure).

As with all things, you have to try it and see how it works for you.

I just find it to be another [extremely] simple and practical habit to build which further negates dieting and programs to achieve weight loss.

7. Brush your teeth right after dinner (to prevent late-night snacking)

Note: This one is great for your dental hygiene as well.

Now, if you already brush your teeth at night just change the time up a little bit.

If not, this can be a great way to start taking better care of your teeth too.

There’s just something about eating or drinking after brushing your teeth that is pretty off-putting.

Everything tastes different and oftentimes displeasing.

Plus, you really don’t want to have to go brush your teeth again just because your cravings got the better of you.

Timing is obviously important here, with as close to after dinner as possible being ideal.

The longer you wait the more likely you are to go grab something you don’t need to eat anyway.

I’ve done this now for several years and it has worked very well for me.

I can think of maybe 2-3 times that I gave in and ate something after brushing and considering the other 900+ times I didn’t I’d say it has worked pretty great.

Give it a try and see how it works for you.


If you’ve taken anything from this post I hope that it’s this;

Simplification and sustainability are key in any behavior change, especially for dieting for weight loss.

You DON’T need to diet (in the traditional sense) nor should you.

There is a much more simple, sustainable path which although is not easy per se, is definitely easier than the traditional path to weight loss.

So, before you go and follow some unsustainable, restrictive diet plan focus on building these simple dietary habits first.

  1. Eat a serving of your favorite fruit/vegetable before every meal
  2. Drink a 16oz glass/bottle of water 10-15 minutes before every meal
  3. Eat more slowly/mindfully
  4. Use smaller plates/bowls
  5. Find substitutes for problem foods
  6. Get smaller portions at a time
  7. Brush your teeth right after dinner to prevent late-night snacking

When these simple habits pair together they transform your diet and therefore your body without restrictive and unsustainable measures.

I hope that helps you on your path to successful long-term weight loss.

For some great free weight loss resources which dive deeper into this simple path to losing weight AND keeping it off check out the link below.

Free Weight Loss Resources

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