Helping individuals become a LEANER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER version of themselves without all of the non-sense.

Hi! I’m Mike. 

I’m an online fitness coach with a (huge) passion for helping individuals just like you get leaner, stronger, and healthier in the most simple, practical way possible. 

I know how much of a struggle getting more fit can be. There’s so much information out there and yet nothing seems to work. 

I spent years trying and failing. This diet, that diet, this supplement, that exercise program. 

It all seemed so complex and extremely unsustainable. 

I started to ask myself, “how do I simplify the process?”. 

To make it more fun, less complex, and overall to get results by just living my life.

As I began to focus more time studying behavior change, habits, and why most behavior change fails I realized HOW to do just that. 

I realized that it is the over complication, excessiveness, mindset, and speed at which we change that keeps us held back. 

The key in fixing this is to keep all of our changes as;

Simple, Enjoyable, & Convenient as possible (you can use the acronym S.E.C to remember this). 

I mean, think about it… If something is complex, boring, and inconvenient, do you really think you’re going to keep doing it?

No, right!

And something you learn along the way is that CONSISTENCY is key to success!

It isn’t enough to just change, we have to maintain that change to maintain our results.

This one simple fix has made such an amazing difference for me

I continue to progress (albeit not always as fast as I’d like) without feeling like I am doing much.

My path is so much easier, simpler, and more enjoyable than anything I’ve ever done and my results are better too. 

It isn’t magic, it is no quick fix, and it still requires time and effort.

But I truly believe it is an effective path to long-term weight loss and improved fitness. 


So, what has all this led me to? 

It’s led me to want to solve this tremendous pain that so many of us have.

To help individuals achieve their weight loss and fitness goals without feeling so confused, frustrated, and hopeless. 

I want individuals who have lost hope to see and understand that they CAN achieve their fitness & health goals, despite past failures.

To help them realize that it was not them that failed the previous programs but the programs that failed them.

That becoming a leaner, stronger, healthier version of themselves is not only possible but simpler than they have been led to believe.

I hope to be a integral part of your fitness success and hope to hear from you soon!

Never hesitate to reach out for help!!

Email: cofc92@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cruzonlinefitnesscoaching/

Or fill out the form below with any questions you have about your weight loss goals!

E-mail cofcoaching@yahoo.com Hours Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm
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