Save yourself years of struggle and frustration by getting on a simple, clear, and practical path to your fitness and health goals.

Save yourself years of struggle and frustration by getting on a simple, clear, and practical path to your goals.

If you’re here it’s likely because you’ve been unsuccessful in your attempts to lose weight.

You’ve tried all the different programs and diets out there with no luck.

Listen, you’re not alone and you’ve most likely failed NOT because of a lack of effort or capability on your part but because of the misinformation and lack of proper guidance you have had thus far.

Well, if you need a push in the right direction and are ready to go about weight loss the right way, then keep reading (or skip straight to the form to get started right now!)



What is an online weight loss consultation?

Pretty much just an audit of your current fitness/weight loss plan (or a 20 minute session to help get you started on the right track).

The ultimate goal is to save you years of struggle and frustration by getting you on a simple, clear, and practical path to your goals.

An online consultation is one of two things, either;

1. A 20 minute audit of your current fitness/weight loss plan

2. A 20 minute session to get you started on the right track

Consultations are done over the phone or through a video call (whichever you prefer) so they can be done right in the comfort of your home.

We will have a 20 minute discussion aimed at evaluating your weight loss plan and determining what needs to be altered and/or corrected to get you headed down the right path.

We look at the exact weight loss goal in which you want to achieve, where you’re excelling, where you’re struggling, what your plan is missing, and ultimately what’s holding you back from losing the weight and keeping it off.

Once we figure those things out, I provide you with some honest and practical solutions that will put you on the RIGHT track towards successful long-term weight loss!

Also, within 24 hours of the completion of your consult, you’ll receive a PDF containing the key points of what we covered so that you can review it whenever you need to.


Many spend hundreds on worthless plans and supplements that lead them everywhere BUT to their goals.

That doesn’t have to be you!

You can put your wallet away and get better results with the professional guidance of a certified trainer!

It’s 100% free of charge, so what do you have to lose?


You’re closer to your goals than you think, but you have to take that first step!

As the old saying goes, “if you keep doing the same things you will keep getting the same results”.

Many waste years heading down the wrong path before finally realizing that the solution was right in front of them the whole time (they just passed it up because it wasn’t glamorous enough or didn’t promise quick results).


Why am I any different than the next guy? Why trust me?

Well, put simply..

I truly care about you achieving your goals, I’m honest, and I know what I’m talking about.

Am I the most caring, most honest and most educated individual out here?

Absolutely not, but I want you to succeed, I have the knowledge to help you succeed, and I pride myself in always being honest and maintaining my integrity.

I’m not in this business to simply make a profit.

I truly want to help individuals better achieve their health and fitness goals and I’m tired of seeing so many led astray by scammers pitching quick fixes and gimmicks to make a quick buck.

I won’t promise you specific results, like “lose 20 lbs” in a 20 minute consultation (or even through the lengthier paid version).

What I can promise you is that I will do everything that I can in our 30 minutes together to get you on the right track and change the trajectory of your weight loss efforts.

This FREE online fitness consultation is aimed at helping individuals just like you (who are struggling with their weight loss goals) get on the RIGHT path to successful weight loss (as well as their other fitness goals).

It is NOT intended to, nor is it going to magically solve all of your problems and produce results over night.


In your 20 minute consultation you’ll:

  • Learn what’s holding you back, preventing you from becoming that leaner, stronger, healthier version of yourself.
  • And get professional solutions that will put you on the right track.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and are ready to make real progress towards your goals, fill out the form below to register for your free 30 minute online fitness consultation.

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