Losing weight is dependent on a caloric deficit, there is no disputing this fact.

As we all know, however, creating a caloric deficit (eating less than our bodies require to maintain itself) is not so simple.

Most foods around us are packed with calories, while not being very satiating (filling).

One of the worst things you can do when aiming to lose weight is take in empty calories (foods with very low nutritional value) such as drinking soft drinks.

The potential to ruin a caloric deficit by drinking soda (and other sugary drinks) is extremely overlooked by many dieters.

Calories add up very quickly (as we will see below).

Some examples of the amount of calories in 3 different beverages

1, 12 oz Coke:
140 calories

1, 12 oz Pepsi:
150 calories

1, 18.5 oz Pure Leaf Sweet Tea:
160 calories

Many people drink at least 1-2 sodas, teas, or other beverages a day.

2-3 12 oz Cokes- 280-420 calories
Average- 350 calories

2-3 12 oz Pepsis- 300-450 calories
Average- 375 calories

2-3 18.5 oz Teas- 320-480 calories
Average- 600 calories

Assuming an individual drinks 2-3 of these just 4 days a week…

Coke- 4×350= 1,400 extra calories/wk

Pepsi- 4×375= 1,500 extra calories/wk

Tea- 4×400= 1,600 extra calories/wk

An average of 1,500 EXTRA calories a week just from beverages. That is about 43% of the 3,500 weekly calorie deficit you need to lose 1lb of body fat a week. This means by simply drinking only water you can lower your calorie intake by roughly 1,500 calories a week and be that much closer to losing fat.

Key Points:

  • An individual who drinks soda, tea, etc at least every other day, takes in about 1,500 extra calories a week.
  • By cutting out these beverages and drinking only water, you can decrease your weekly calorie intake by about 1,500 calories (43% of the calorie deficit you need to lose 1lb of body fat a week).

Note: One soda or tea at dinner one night a week or at a special occasion is not going to ruin your diet. However, having 3-4 sodas at dinner can lead to as much as a 500 calorie increase!! Just be aware of this. Moderation is the key.

As always, make small, slow changes.

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