I have talked about sustainability and adherence more than anything outside of behavior change, and for good reason.

Many ask what the perfect diet is for weight loss. The answer is this.. the perfect diet is the one in which YOU can adopt as a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

If something cannot be sustained, whether it be an exercise regimen or a diet, it is, in the long-term, useless.

Many people lose weight, and many multiple times. So, the problem people are having is not losing weight, but maintaining the weight they lost. We have to stop looking at the short-term and focus on the long-term.

Success is about being consistent in what you are doing, plain and simple. If you want to be very intelligent, you need to consistently read and study. If you want to be a great swimmer, you need to consistently practice swimming techniques.

So with wanting to be healthier, you need to be consistent in all the aspects that will lead you to that better health, such as consistently exercising and eating a healthier diet. If you cannot be consistent with a particular diet or exercise regimen, you are spinning your wheels.

The focus should NOT only be on how to lose the weight, but also how to keep what was lost, or at least the majority of it, off. The key point is whatever you are going to do to live healthier, make it sustainable in the long-term.

You have to stop worrying about fad diets and all the crap out there on perfect this and best that, and instead focus on what will work for YOU.

The truth is, there is NO perfect program nor diet for everyone. Everyone has different needs both mentally and physiologically.

What is perfect for you could and very well is, completely wrong for me. And yes, what helped one person lose weight will very likely work for another to lose weight. However, will they keep it off. If what helped them lose weight cannot be maintained, then with our mind on the long-term, why was it done to begin with?


People are stuck in a loop, still looking for special plans and special supplements to help them lose weight or be healthier in general. However, what truly works has not changed nor will it change.

Exercise and a healthy diet are the key principles to good health and weight loss/weight maintenance. Sustaining a lifestyle with these consistently incorporated is paramount to long-term success.

So, if you are going to change, focus less on how to change and more on how you will maintain that change long-term. Focus on sustainability.

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