Online Weight Loss Coaching

Weight Loss Made Simple!!

My name’s Michael Cruz and I specialize in helping individuals struggling with weight loss build healthy lifestyles through a simple, practical framework that helps them lose weight AND keep it off.

My coaching program is built around helping you build healthy habits that produce weight loss! 🏋️🍎🏃🥦🚴🫐

  • No complicated programs!
  • No ridiculous diets!
  • No 6 day a week, hour long exercise sessions!

None of that.

I help you build a lifestyle that promotes your goals!

So you can lose the weight and keep it off with greater ease! ✅

Your Steps to Success

1. Fill out and submit the form below

2. I’ll go over everything and ensure that I’m the best person to help you complete your weight loss goals with ease

3. We’ll get you started on a path that I’m sure you’ll wish you had found years ago!

4. Finally, you enjoy the leaner, stronger, healthier body we create during our time together.

Sound good?

Then let’s get started!!

How much does coaching cost?

Just $75 a month.

And even better, you can;

  • Stop coaching whenever you want
  • Get a full refund within 2 weeks if coaching doesn’t seem to be a good fit for you

Seems like a pretty easy decision to me. 🙂

Look, if you’re anything like me and the thousands of others out there, you’ve wasted years jumping through hoops, following all of the ridiculous diets and exercise regimens you find online, in fitness magazines, etc.

You don’t need anymore of that.

And that’s NOT what I have to offer you.

I don’t give programs or diets!

You can find those for free anywhere online.

I help you build healthy habits that promote your weight loss goals for the long-term!

We work together in building you a sustainable lifestyle that ensures you not only lose the weight but keep it off.

Still sound good?

Let’s get started today!

Not ready to invest in an online coach?

No problem!

Check out my FREE EBOOK to get an idea of how my framework helps simplify weight loss!

Just click the link below to get your free copy (no email or download required, this is a pdf version)

Eat Better, Move More: A Simple, Practical Guide to Successful Long-term Weight Loss.

E-mail Hours Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm
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