Online Weight Loss Coaching

Take the struggle and guessing out of weight loss with an online coach!


Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to lose weight?

Tired of trying program after program, diet after diet with no results?

Being convinced that you have to adopt ridiculous exercise programs and diet plans that even the most disciplined person couldn’t follow?


Hi! My name’s Michael Cruz, I’m an Online Weight Loss Coach helping individuals just like you break out of their feelings of hopelessness, build habits, and lose weight for good! 

I could tell you about the exercise program, diet advice, support, etc…. but what I truly offer you is GUIDANCE!

A clear, simpler path to successful weight loss.

You know you need to move more and eat healthier.

You could find hundreds of sufficient programs online right now, but that’s not what YOU need! That’s not what YOU want!

What YOU want and need is guidance. You need the right path, the tools, and the support. If you are just looking for some ordinary “weight loss program” then you’re in the wrong place!

Look, I don’t want you to just lose weight, get stronger, and feel better, but to maintain those results throughout your life!!

I am not just offering a program, diet advice, etc… again, you can get that anywhere online. Throw a nickel and you’ll hit 30 “online coaches” that promise you weight loss.

I want to help change your mindset, change your lifestyle, and make living a healthy life something you’re excited about! NOT something you dread or see as a means to an end!

If you’re looking for quick weight loss, my coaching is NOT for you! Anyone with just a little knowledge on the energy balance, dieting, exercise, etc can help you lose weight…but not just anyone can help ensure that the weight stays off!!



Some Key Benefits of Online Coaching:

Many people do not like gyms and they’re not always comfortable, welcoming environments. They’re not always conveniently located, either. Being able to train anywhere – in the comfort of your own home, for example – can be a big advantage.

For those who work regular hours, booking with a trainer from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. can be a huge headache. Additionally, having a strict appointment time puts undue pressure on you and it’s frustrating to show up 5 or 10 minutes late for an appointment because of traffic and miss part of the workout that you paid for.

In addition to paying a trainer for their time, a client also has to pay for club overhead. You can get a better trainer at a fraction of the price by working with somebody online.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of variance in this industry and not all trainers are honest, caring, and knowledgeable. You can now refer those you care about to a great trainer (someone YOU trust and respect), no matter where they are located (because location is no longer a factor).


Why do I require a 90 day commitment?
I require clients to commit to 90 days because true, lasting progress takes time. If you are not willing to make a true commitment to make lasting change then it is not going to happen. My goal is not simply to help individuals lose weight, but rather to guide them towards developing a practical, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle which continues throughout their lives and keeps them in shape!

100% RISK FREE! If after 30 days you feel that online weight loss coaching is not the most effective way for you to achieve your weight loss goals you will receive a FULL REFUND! 


Who Do I Work With?

My ideal clients are men aged 25-45, looking to lose 20-50 lbs of fat and build some muscle. However, if you’re struggling with weight loss and want a simpler way I’d love to help you!

Note: If you have any serious health concerns, please do not apply. Although I’d love to work with everyone, I am not a doctor and it is extremely important that you work with someone who has the right knowledge, experience and qualifications to help you in the safest way possible.


Communication: Contact & Weekly Check-in Information

Contact Schedule:

Each Monday: Will be a check-in day to go over questions, concerns, progress, etc. This will be our main day to communicate and go over everything regarding your plan and programming thoroughly.

Every Thursday: You will have the opportunity to contact me through email asking any and all questions you may have.

Weekends: I will do my best to answer any immediate questions or concerns, however, weekends are my time off of work to rest and spend time with my son. All questions received after 5 pm est Friday will be answered Monday.

Weekly Check-in Overview

– Progress: We will go over your progress both in regards to body stats and plan implementation.

Questions and concerns: Weekly check-ins are the time for more specific and immediate questions and concerns.

Issues or problems with program: Similar to questions and concerns but more specific to your actual workout plan. If there are any issues or problems you are having within the plan that you feel could hinder your success, this would be the time we can get it solved. We need to make sure everything is fit for you to be successful long-term, and if we are moving too fast or too slow we need to change things up.


3 Months of Coaching: $597 ($199/Month) 



Sign up today and start creating the lifestyle and body you want!

E-mail Hours Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm
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