Save yourself years of struggle and frustration by getting on a simple, clear, and practical path to your weight loss goals

If you’re here it is likely because you’re having trouble achieving your weight loss goals. Right?

You’re tired of trying to lose weight just to end up right back where you started over and over again.

You’re definitely not alone!! Studies show that only about 20% of individuals manage to keep the weight off (1). 

Well, if you’re not a part of that 20% then you’re definitely in the right place to make yourself a part of it!

Getting into shape can be extremely frustrating and have plenty of roadblocks and stalled progress (plateaus) along the way. You try to create a plan to follow but either don’t get the results you’re looking for or your life is just too busy to follow through with what the plan demands of you.

After stalling so much and/or falling short of your goals so many times, it is logical to begin to lose motivation and accept your current, undesired state of health.

The good news is that you can get rid of all that hopelessness because there ARE solutions (honest and practical ones!).

My name’s Michael Cruz,

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer with a passion to help individuals just like you become a leaner, stronger, healthier version of themselves!

One of the ways I do this is through online weight loss consultations.


What’s an online weight loss consultation?

Well, in short, it’s an audit of your weight loss plan.

We look at the goals that you want to achieve and determine what’s holding you back from achieving them.

No current plan? No problem! 

We will spend our consult figuring out the most simple, practical, and effective path to your weight loss goals.

Once we determine what aspects of your plan are holding you back and which ones you are excelling in (and can worry less about), I provide you with some honest, effective and practical solutions that will get you on the RIGHT track towards successful long-term weight loss!

Ultimately, you will

  • Learn what’s holding you back, preventing you from becoming that leaner, stronger, healthier version of yourself
  • Get professional solutions that will make your transformation much more simple as well as lasting
  • Be put in a position to accomplish your goals and continue growing and pushing forward
  • PLUS, within 24 hours of your consult you’ll receive a PDF of everything we went over as well as a FREE copy of my top ebooks; “10 Key Guidelines to Successful Weight Loss” and “Eat Better, Move More: A Simple, Practical Guide to Successful Weight Loss”

If you’re tired of falling short of your weight loss goals and are ready to propel past your roadblocks, then fill out the form below to schedule your online consultation today!

(Only 10 spots available each month, so reserve your spot now before I’m all booked up!)

Frequently Asked Questions?

How much do online consultations cost?

1.5 hour consult: $129.99 

1 hour consult: $99.99 

What’s the consultation consist of?

First, we will go over about 15-25 questions regarding your health and fitness.

Going through these questions allows me to get a good view of what your current plan looks like (exercise regimen, eating habits, water intake, current goals, motives for goals, etc).

Once we have those answers we will begin to figure out which areas are most negatively impacting your goals as well as which ones you can worry less about (many times we focus too much on the aspects that impact our fitness goals the least while negating those which have the greatest impact).

With this information I can then provide you with some honest and practical steps that you can implement immediately to break past your weight loss struggles and start becoming that leaner, stronger, healthier version of yourself!


What do I need to do and/or what do I need to have?

Because the consultation is done over the phone or Zoom, all you need is;

  • A working phone with good reception or a phone, tablet, or computer with internet connection
  • A notepad for taking notes
What if we get disconnected and/or our consultation gets cut short? Will I be refunded?
Unfortunately, there are no refunds, however, if for any reason we get disconnected and your consultation is cut short, we will reschedule the rest of your consult for another time.

Don’t put off your weight loss goals any longer, propel past your roadblocks and get the results you deserve! Fill out the form below to schedule your online consultation today!

(Only 10 spots available each month and they fill up quickly!)